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Stranger Things – Custom Title

If you don’t know the Stranger Things series, please subscribe to Netflix and start watching it, it’s great for those who love science fiction and retro.

It’s been a long time since I’ve run into a customer who placed an order for me that made me so happy to place it. On this occasion, Arun, on the eve of his wedding, asked us if it was possible to make the titles of the acclaimed Stranger Things series for his own wedding, where the names of the bride and groom would appear instead of the original name of the show. Of course there was not a blink of an eye when I answered YES.

We are more than happy to be able to achieve these examples of presentations, not only because we like science fiction, but also because we learn from many effects and we run into problems to solve in the process and that is priceless.

Thank you very much Arun for the opportunity and without more to say, I leave you with the final result.


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